How Far will You Go?



The Israelites were so close. They were so close to the promised land; to the inheritance God vowed to give them years ago.


But they were scared. Formidable enemies lay between them and the long awaited prize. It would not come easy. There were battles to be fought.


They wanted to experience all that God had for them, but they were afraid; afraid they would fail; afraid they would be defeated; afraid they would find it was all too good to be true.


Again and again throughout the book of Joshua we see God calming the Israelites’ fears and assuring them time and time again that He is WITH them and He WILL do the impossible on their behalf. In chapter one verse three, God assures them “I will give you every place where you set your foot…” (NIV).


Each step they took would have to be made in faith. The same is true for us. God has a plan for each and every one of our lives; a plan full of purpose and satisfaction and hope in HIM. He wants to do crazy awesome things in and through our lives; He wants to offer us the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger; something that will change the world: the salvation of lost souls through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


But the opportunities God gives us hinge on one thing: our willingness to take a step of faith into His promises.


How many opportunities do we miss because we’re too afraid to take that step? If I look at my own life, the answer is many. But I don’t want it to be. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to start living a life of faith. And I got my chance this month when God had me move halfway across the country from Indiana to Colorado.


This is a move God’s been cultivating in my heart for some time, for the purpose of ministry, and about six months ago He told me to start packing my bags and taking that step into the unknown.


I’m scared. I’m unsure, and I’m so out of my league; but in the quietness of my own heart God has told me: “I, your God, will make a way for you. You need only to trust Me. So much hope lies ahead; all you need to do is take a step of faith. For every step you take, I will meet you there; and if you continue to walk in faith, you will be able to experience all that I have promised.”



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2 responses to “How Far will You Go?

  1. Thank you Adelee for this message; for through it God has spoken the same words to me…How unutterable the expanse of our Savior’s love toward us. I do Praise Him.

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